Sunday, 15 August 2010


London based designer Alani Gibbon came up with this concept of a 6 in 1 dress. So, if you feel bored of what you are wearing on a night out, you simply have to pop to the ladies, or get changed right there and then, whatever you fancy, and shuffle around to turn your dress into a top, or your top into a hooded dress. This is some futuristic chic. I think it is absouletly genius, just hope Gibbon does something similar for men. Perfect if you are super popular and have been invited to two social events but no time to go home and get changed, what a conundrum, well with this super 6 in 1 dress all your problems are solved instantly!


  1. good idea in theory but the dress is ugly. versatility wins but sharp tailoring and style booted out. not a fan!

  2. can you sew? me and you hop on dis ting and make it stylish! if it was stylish and re-branded for highstreet, this would sell like hot buns or virgin prostitutes :D


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