Sunday, 5 September 2010


BOTTEGA VENETAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Uber luxury! For his new "teddy boy" inspired collection Tomas Maier teams up with photographer sldkflf to try and recreate the 1950's london movement that was as huge as the hair. This editorial has everything from leather brothel creepers (sidebar: google that if you dont know that they are, you might think it is a double entendre), to string ties, all by Bottega Veneta ofcourse. I'm sorry but BT is the shit, if you can afford it. I enjoy a good blazer and the bat winged double and single breasted blazers are so fine they would make Frank Sinatra look like a hobo in his hay-day (sidebar: anchorman joke). Come to think of it i've got a friend who would've been perfect as a teddy boy, Christopher Bayley come on down!

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