Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Abbey Lee, I'm a freak boo (Christian Dior Denim Flow reference). Fucking love this. I just got what someone described to me today as a "mental boner". Ha mental erection! The light, the colours, the composition, the model, the styling gahh! It is just all a little bit too much for me that I think I just mentally ejactulated. Seriously the light use of light is beautiful, I think you can actually see motes too. I dont know if the photographer used a filter to achieve that terracotta blush looking feel to it, but this looks like it was shot in Colin Firth's house from Tom Ford's "A Single Man". The styling is meant to be "The Last Days of Disco", obviously, it has the texture of 70's luxe disco glam, I feel like David Bowie or The Whispers should accompany this post. Ha actually shit I just realised that The Whispers were early 80's, who gives a monkey's intestine anyway they made good music. See that Gucci ostrich feather jacket second from bottom? That's aesthetic right there, a physical metaphor! Some poor bird died for couture, that ostrich should be proud. If only he/she knew.

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