Friday, 29 October 2010


COLOUR INJECTION!!! There we go, I do not see the world in monochrome, I promise. I actually see everything in neon. For Justin Ridler's latest work he shoots model Amy Finlayson on a lovely day at the beach, she brought her swimwear and everything. The styling really accentuates the whole thing though, obviously. Styled by Britt McCamey in pompous and exciting juxtaposition(my favourite word of the month, sums up my life really) of textures and block colours really amounts to an acid trip, if I'm honest. Well, I exaggerated the last bit actually. Let me rephrase, ahem, it is palette of luxury, with a smidgen of fragility about it, delicate to the touch, as though the whole concept was resting upon the wing of a fairy.

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