Thursday, 14 October 2010


Should really get serious with the blog...THERE IS TOO MUCH ABSOLUT TO BE DRANK! IT IS HALF PRICE NOW ON BOTTLES! Anyway, I know this is old but seriously it so good. It is Anna J for Vogue Nippon. Yanked it from Hedi Slimane's fashion diary, for those of you who dont know Hedi Slimane he is the supremo at Dior Homme, responsible for all that clean cut and debonair sex going on. I dont think people understand the aesthetic power wielded by a simple monochromatic editorial, yeah you can do all the photoshop tricks, but at the end of the day simplicity has the greatest impact. I think that resonates within styling, pop music, actually general popular culture. If you keep it simple, but accent it with bits of splendour and wonder that make it like no other, then you're onto a winner. I mean look at how luscious that lace bodice is? Or that delectable fur ? Hedi Slimane , I want to be you. Even his name sounds cool as fuck.

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