Friday, 1 October 2010


Balmain goes Americana. No joke. Christophe Dercanin pulled off an amazing A/W littered with gold, black and white studded exaggerated shoulder blazers, shredded skirts, bullet holed tops and awesome jackets. To say the least it was chic and gained numerous plaudits and praise. It would've been a monumental task to top that, and to be honest he hasn't topped it, I dont think he tried to, but he's gone in a different direction. He's released an American old skool, biker-rocker chic collection of over-sized jackets, washed out and faded jeans that are dirtier than Minty from EastEnders overalls after a hard day at the Arches. For perfect ambience he even played the Sex Pistols, bit of a juxtaposition with the American flag and Michael Jackson-esque "Beat It" studded jacket, but never mind!

The collection is something I would call dirty couture. It is really fucking edgy and rock 'n' roll in a season where everyone is doing pretty pastel and fun bursts of colour. It is something different amid a loch of designers concerned with clean and sharp lines, nothing wrong with that, I love clean sharp lines but it is noiiice to see this. I doubt my praise will massage his ego or even bouy Mr. Decarnin up, but all great art deserves praise and recognition. I'm impressed at myself for not going off on a tangent and talking real fashion :) thumbs up to you John ! HURRAH!

P.s Gisele was there!

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