Sunday, 17 October 2010


"John, stop posting black and white editorials!", I say NO! I'm working on a photography/styling project for my course and I want to do it in, yup you guessed it, BLACK AND WHITE! So I am inadvertently building a mood board right here on my blog. Pipe down it is a good editorial! Photographer Jingna's concept, complemented perfectly by stylist Mildred von Hildegard, is that of imaging model Denise as a "dark maiden of the sea", draped in chic and risque leather ensembles'. The juxtaposition between the harsh, barren landscape and the beautifully crafted leather and latex is sumptious. The equivalent of an all you can eat Chinese buffet, but for the eye and mind. S&M becomes chic and meets couture; there was a massive market for that and Gareth Pugh plugged that hole (teehee :) "plugged that hole").

The fifth image evokes strong emotions with me, I may have just got another cerebral boner. I should trademark that.

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