Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Sorry to bring it up again, but...MONOCHROME WINS! For GQ UK Jo Levin (Stylist supremo) has decided to Walk The Line and style in the vein of legend Johnny Cash, arguably the most famous patron for all black. I enjoy the composition in all the photos quite a bit actually, it looks worryingly authentic, so worrying in fact that I suspect Guzman, the photographer, has a time portal and is being incredibly shrewd with it. It is like Back to the Future, but in reverse, if you catch my drift? The Bottega Veneta bat-winged lapel blazer(wow what a mouthful) in the third picture makes me as joyous as a young, average looking male teacher in a class populated by female students. The model looks suspiciously like James Dean, handsome chap isn't he?

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  1. cool magazine spread! x

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