Saturday, 2 October 2010


I'm blogging on a train!!! On the way home from Newcastle, absolutely exhausted, but let us get onto the habberdashery. I know I'm a little bit late with this as NY fashion week was ages ago, but like most people interested in fashion I was a bit sceptical about Victoria Beckham as a designer, to be honest I thought it was a joke or a PR stunt. She is now a few seasons deep and the fashion powers that be are actually sitting up and starting to take notice. I am not a fan of her personally, but I think you have to take her fame and personality out of the equation and judge her work and not have any preconceptions. It actually isn't a bad collection, the designs are on point, the colours are right on the button for S/S. I like the nude and yellow dress. The collection is very "Victoria", well crafted, understated glamourous and precise. It just doesn't envoke excitement, I don't get an erection, I dont feel aroused. I know I'm not Anna Wintour and my comments wont deflate Mrs. Beckham's balloon of praise and adulation that she is lounging on right now, but it is just a good collection. End of.

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