Thursday, 18 November 2010


David Walliams you lucky, lucky man. Damn you David Walliams.
I am back blogging. Absent for no reason whatsoever.
Lara Stone! WHOO! Gracing our presence once again is the gap-toothed beauty that she is, this time for Vogue China (yes, even communists read Vogue :D and I am that fucking awesome that I read Chinese Vogue) draped and lavished in winter's most luxurious couture for an editorial aptly named "freezing allure". Every time she does something there is not a single doubt in the world that it is alluring, I mean did you see the Mert + Marcus cover she did? It is in the Oxford dictionary under alluring. Shot by Willy Vanderperre in Valentino Haute Couture and Donna Karan, I quite enjoy the composition with the tattered chair and grey wall to evoke that meek, bleak, dreary, grey feeling that winter has about it, you know that feeling? The feeling that makes you want to sit by the fire in a garish christmas jumper, drink mulled wine and watch UKTV Gold. Lara Stone once again proving why she is the number uno model in the world, and in my world she can do no wrong, apart from marry David Walliams. Stay single please so we can all fantasise about having a shot with you yeah ? ;-)

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