Wednesday, 3 November 2010


For Elle Brazil photographer Jacques Dequeker shoots model Paolla in a 3D futuristic vein. Styled in barely anything but figure suffocating swimsuits, beautiful jewellery and provocative black heels. Sooo sexy that it is borderline soft core porn. Wish I owned a pair of 3D glasses so I could get aroused. Paolla you are stunning.
It seems ever since Avatar everything must now be in 3D, I mean look at the plethora of 3D movies. God so help humanity when the Justin Bieber in 3D hits cinemas.
I enjoy this a lot. I did something similar for my final fashion project last year and I thought it was a good attempt but my tutor hated it, she didnt like a lot of things I did but you know what? C'est la vie.

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