Friday, 19 November 2010


If I am ever fortunate enough to be dressed by anyone then it would be Rick Owens, Stefano Pilati, Acne and Rad Hourani. Hourani isn't the first to do unisex clothing, but he has his own aesthetic, apparently he doesn't do inspiration boards; his inspiration is "what he feels like wearing". 

The the boys were dressed like the girls and vice versa, from make up, chunky sunglasses right down to peep toed heels, YOU COULD NOT TELL WHO HAD BOOBS AND WHO HAD A PENIS! 

The combination was the same : skin tight leather and PVC leggings, exaggerated lapels and oversized layered tees. I wasn't impressed to be honest, in comparison to his other collections this was a stale fart. Have you ever experienced a stale fart? 
Personally I think he wants to be RICK OWENS.  
They do say though that imitation is the best form of flattery. SOME of the pieces we wearable and interesting but I feel like he is trying a little bit too hard to be different when this has already been done before, it's been done very well actually. I wish I could add sound bites on my blog, I would get Simon Cowell to say something pretentious, facetious and sarcastic right now.

"but why blog something you're just going to rip to shreds?"
I can't agree with everything now can I? That would make me a boring , spineless, tepid turd :)

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