Wednesday, 16 February 2011

LFW 2011/'12 PREVIEW

 Georgia Hardinge A/W 11/12
 Jacket, Trousers, Shoes, T-shirt and Hat by Mr. Lipop A/W 11/12

 Anja Mlakar A/W 11/12
   Masha Ma A/W 11/12
 Crop Top, Dress, Cuffs, Tights and Shoes by Maria Francesca Pepe A/W 11/12
 Cape, Dress and Shoes by Tze Goh A/W 11/12
 Jacket, Sleevless Top, Hat and Boots by Asger Juel Larsen A/W 11/12
 Mask, Dress, Shoes, and Coat by Fanny and Jessy A/W 11/1
Maria Francesca Pepe A/W '11

Fashion156 release an exclusive excursion into a few designs from the upcoming London Fashion Week for that fashionista that either cannot wait, or afford to attend. Yeah, okay not all of the pieces are to everyone's taste, but if we all agreed on every single designer how boring a place would the, otherwise fantastic, fashion world be? Variety is the spice of life, you cretins! This is my niche. Left-field and deliciously avant-garde. I just harvested a few of my favourite pieces from the website, but the rest of the images are available here :

P.S the styling is hotter than a BBQ in Basra. Mr. Lipop and Maria Francesca Pepe pieces create a turbulent, riot of awe within me ;-)

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  1. Great photos, so futuristic, remaining me about Kazimir Malewicz art!


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