Monday, 25 April 2011


This gorgeous pair of blue suede shoes simply sing when they are betrothed to her luscious orange jeans. Image via Elle Uk.

The bright pink heel certainly adds an element of eccentricity and shows that the wearer takes his fashion serious enough that he can have fun with it. Image via GQ.
Spot the difference of how two complementary colours are accentuated by the addition of white spots.  Image via Facehunter.

Again, two complimentary colours married against a dark and muted colour to create minimalistic 
sophistication. Image via Carolines Mode.

Her red socks add some much needed fun to an otherwise uni formal ensemble. Image via Carolines Mode.

I love the vibrancy of the colours and different textures; a seemingly playful palette given an edgy dynamic with a chic pair of biker boots. Image via Facehunter.

Nautical stripes and a banana yellow coat evokes the tropics and maritime adventure :) Image via Karla's Closet.

Olive green skirt elegantly mixed with browns, blacks and luxurious creams . Image via Refinery29.

There is that orange again;  this time in the circular form of a wide brimmed hat, acting as a perfect  foil to an elegant royal blue asymmetric dress.  Image via Wayne Tippets

Wonderful pastel colours smartened up by a vertically striped blazer for an exciting, yet grounded look.Image via Wayne Tippets.

I heart this look. Definitely my favourite of them all. He looks so street debonair. I want to be his friend, or atleast steal his shoes.via GQ.

A cheeky, playful pink blush dress that mirrors it's wearer. Think, Summer by the Seine, acordian playing and lunch at your favourite brasserie.  Image via Karla's Closet.

For added impact and a different angle on the summer suit, stark contrast of blood red against black. Image via One Sixty Notepad

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