Tuesday, 17 May 2011


So, this is me having a blast. I haven't posted in a while due to several prevailing circumstances; some fortunate and some unfortunate. Yours truly managed to snag a job as a fashion writer for meetthedesigner.co.uk and you can check out my first article on there. The job has ridiculous perks. Last week I was invited to a champagne tea party with Jade Parfitt...yeah, Jade fucking Parfitt! How awesome is that? Anyway I'll post fashion stuff soon but these are a few events coming up this week that I'll be at and i implore you all to attend them because they are really quite interesting, I'll be there and hopefully there will be free booze. 
"Stooki Jewellery celebrate the launch of their first collection at the Red Bull Studios London. Taking over the gallery space outside the Red Bull Studios the team of young designers will showcase their bespoke jewellery designs based on making your mark. The Stooki fam guarantee a night full of fun, interactivity and great music. DJ's on the night are: Radi (BOUNTY), Hipsters Don't Dance, Erol Sabadosh, Sarah Young & LUKEY (STÖÖKI DJs"
This event is actually being organised by a very good friend of mine and the poster was designed by another very good friend of mine, the fantastic Angela Frei (check out her tumblr here) . It is for Marie Curie and is being held at the ridiculously posh Valmont Club. Tickets can be purchased by emailing jazzitupmariecurie@hotmail.com and donations can be made here

"When Nutters opened in 1969 on Savile Row, the staid and traditional world of bespoke tailoring entered a new era. Tommy Nutter, with master cutter Edward Sexton, combined up-to-the minute styling with classic techniques to create the brand that set the Row swinging. The shop - financed by Cilla Black, James Vallance White, and Beatles’ executive Peter Brown – opened up the experience of bespoke tailoring; catering to rock stars, artists and aristos who wanted to custom fit with the new shapes and details pioneered at Nutters." If you get a chance please go to this ! It is really quite stunning ! 

That is all!

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