Sunday, 4 September 2011


I find it difficult to identify Henrik Adamsen with any particular style because his portfolio seems to encompass a vast array of atmospheres, themes and moods. At times his women are warriors, and at others they are soft and fragile. However, no matter what the mood, Adamsen is able to wholly embrace the concept of the image. Albeit having different atmospheres and appeals, each set of images absorb this atmosphere through a perfect entwining of model, styling and photographer.
Part of this process relies on Adamsen’s talented post-production skills, where each image is branded with the unique style of the set they belong to. Each image is personally tailored to fit the personality of the model, rather than the model moulding herself to fit the photographer’s concept. I love how everything, whether it be the setting, the pose, the expression, the colouring or the styling, forms together to create an emphatic sense of habitat in which the model seems to intrinsically belong.
However, for me, the most inspiring factor of it all is how subtly it is executed. In my favourite images (above), faded colours are mixed with a pixelated noise to create a vintage feel, scratches and stains are mixed with the surroundings to create a grunge effect, and, in simpler photos, warm photo filters are applied to set the mood. However, what makes Adamsen truly one of my favourite photographers is his ability to not get lost in his concept; the post production does not distract from the fashion but rather enhances it, which is why Adamsen is certainly a photographer to watch out for.

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