Monday, 25 April 2011



My favourite song of the week. Any Hidden Cat remix is a good remix. Makes me want to put on a Navajo hat, drop a couple of E's and go and rave away in some forest. Good stuff.


Serenade by Advan Matthew was inspired by Queen Nefertiti, who, after Cleopatra, is the second most famous Queen of Ancient Egypt and fable tells of her beauty was unmatched in all four corners of the Earth. Advan Matthew chooses a colour palette of golds, browns, blacks and smouldering bronze, colours all reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian opulent and decadent wealth. I love the sort of haze that appears in the last photo, evokes a feeling of being in a desert, that searing heat, riding camel back in search of an oasis, via numerous mirages. Kelly Tan is simply scorching with a beautiful face that would rival Nefertiti's .


This gorgeous pair of blue suede shoes simply sing when they are betrothed to her luscious orange jeans. Image via Elle Uk.

The bright pink heel certainly adds an element of eccentricity and shows that the wearer takes his fashion serious enough that he can have fun with it. Image via GQ.
Spot the difference of how two complementary colours are accentuated by the addition of white spots.  Image via Facehunter.

Again, two complimentary colours married against a dark and muted colour to create minimalistic 
sophistication. Image via Carolines Mode.

Her red socks add some much needed fun to an otherwise uni formal ensemble. Image via Carolines Mode.

I love the vibrancy of the colours and different textures; a seemingly playful palette given an edgy dynamic with a chic pair of biker boots. Image via Facehunter.

Nautical stripes and a banana yellow coat evokes the tropics and maritime adventure :) Image via Karla's Closet.

Olive green skirt elegantly mixed with browns, blacks and luxurious creams . Image via Refinery29.

There is that orange again;  this time in the circular form of a wide brimmed hat, acting as a perfect  foil to an elegant royal blue asymmetric dress.  Image via Wayne Tippets

Wonderful pastel colours smartened up by a vertically striped blazer for an exciting, yet grounded look.Image via Wayne Tippets.

I heart this look. Definitely my favourite of them all. He looks so street debonair. I want to be his friend, or atleast steal his shoes.via GQ.

A cheeky, playful pink blush dress that mirrors it's wearer. Think, Summer by the Seine, acordian playing and lunch at your favourite brasserie.  Image via Karla's Closet.

For added impact and a different angle on the summer suit, stark contrast of blood red against black. Image via One Sixty Notepad


Ahh I hope one day I can say that I own a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting.  His clever paintings and guerrilla attitude to art and his style. This is the man who did his paintings in $1,000 Giorgio Armani suits, and yet still, he turned up at exhibitions in the same paint splattered formal wear.
I love how he merges classic formal attire with streetwear looks. There is a distinctive playful  approach to his dressing, he wasn't known to take himself too seriously. Shirts with bow ties were married with plaid trousers and fleeces. Paint splattered jeans were accompanied by a check jacket and skinny tie. Flamboyant, oversized colourful shirts, at the pivot of 80's African American men's street style were prominent . He wore his finely cut suits as a sort of satire towards Wall Street yuppies of the 80s, but with an accent of Michel-Basquiat eccentricity. Overall, his sartorial style was an extension of his personality and art. Just as his paintings were charged full of statement, expression and exuberance; his attire was just the same, a juxtaposition of urban against the powerful and wealthy middle society.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Hasan Hejazi
Hmmm what i've deduced from Hasan Hejazi's lookbook is there seems to be an 80s and 90s sportswear feel coursing through some his designs. Take for instance, dramatic maxi skirts, tight demi polo necks and pleated tennis skirts. But, I do love the sense of a supressed sexual vixen with the over use of the leather, further accentuated by the over-the-elbow gloves; pvc? secret dominatrix? whips and chains in the bottom drawer? I envision a Hasan Hejazi woman as one who conducts herself with proper decorum during the day, but come night, you're chained to the bed posts, ball gag in mouth and she's telling you to call her mistress.

Via A free online magazine and the first stop for the avant garde fashionista .


Painted Eyes from TEST on Vimeo.

Painted Eyes
I do enjoy a good fashion short, and TEST Magazine seem to provide all my favourites. This latest offering, "Painted Eyes" is no different and with fashion's current penchant for face paint - a la Agi and Sam, Louise Gray, Walter Van Beirendonck AW 11/12 and 's own Colour Issue.
The colour palette is of complimentary, pale pastels and I love how they work in conjuction to create an almost hypnotic aura in the film, reminiscent of long, lazy summer days.
Styled in Michael Van Der Ham SS 11 as a perfect chaser to expresses the contrasting and disturbed aura in the film.

Via A free online magazine and the first stop for the avant garde fashionista .


The thing I enjoy most about Thomas Klementsson's pictures is the vibrancy and expression on display. He carefully uses complimenting bright colours with more muted pale pastel tones, adding more vitality to the images.
  Via A free online magazine and the first stop for the avant garde fashionista .

Friday, 8 April 2011


Ahh Mert and Marcus, sigh. Anyone who actually reads my profane and banal blog will know that
Mert & Marcus are by far my favourite fashion photographers because they
aren't afraid to push the envelope and say "how much nudity is too much nudity?", but they
do it tastefully, it isn't just tits and ass.But these images are so great in expressing a connection established between subject and photographer, model and lens. The photos are stripped of any embellishments or distractions and an intimate relationship is forged.
These are from an editorial in LOVE magazine from about a year ago called, "Body Conscience", obvious pun. They photographed 12 of the world's most famous and desirable supermodels. Ofcourse sex sells, there is no need to be naive about it and fashion is a realm where the nude human form is often explored and celebrated, rather than branded a taboo. Master of seduction, Tom Ford encapsulated this well when he said,
""With a more natural relationship to nudity, we might also be freed up to find each other a lot more fascinating. There's an equality to being naked; the fewer clothes and accessories a person wears the less you judge them, and the more you notice their truest traits, like their eyes or their charisma, their great hands or their one-of-a-kind hair or, most importantly, their personality and character. ". 
I think it's a stunning collection of photographs and any artsy fartsy person will notice the Helmut Newton influences coursing through the editorial, maybe a splash of Guy Bourdin? 
Explicit ? Yes. Smut? Pornography? I think not. Ofcourse you need to see the photographs for what they are, naked women; but we've all seen our fair share of breasts, some more than others, and I think these images are beautiful, alluring and a saturnalia of the female form. 
Besides, who doesn't want to see Lara Stone's fun bags? 

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