Monday, 25 April 2011


Ahh I hope one day I can say that I own a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting.  His clever paintings and guerrilla attitude to art and his style. This is the man who did his paintings in $1,000 Giorgio Armani suits, and yet still, he turned up at exhibitions in the same paint splattered formal wear.
I love how he merges classic formal attire with streetwear looks. There is a distinctive playful  approach to his dressing, he wasn't known to take himself too seriously. Shirts with bow ties were married with plaid trousers and fleeces. Paint splattered jeans were accompanied by a check jacket and skinny tie. Flamboyant, oversized colourful shirts, at the pivot of 80's African American men's street style were prominent . He wore his finely cut suits as a sort of satire towards Wall Street yuppies of the 80s, but with an accent of Michel-Basquiat eccentricity. Overall, his sartorial style was an extension of his personality and art. Just as his paintings were charged full of statement, expression and exuberance; his attire was just the same, a juxtaposition of urban against the powerful and wealthy middle society.

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