Tuesday, 28 September 2010


One of the most beautiful books ever written. Read it when I was studying English Lit at school, but the film is my favourite film of all time. Gorgeous tragedy. Just realised that was a paradox, but so is most of the language in the book. If you havent read it then you're a neandathal and a nincompoop.


JIL SANDERRRRRRRRRR! Putting the fun back into summer again! Remember when you were a kid and you had crayolas' and a colouring book? Instead of colouring in colours that were advised by the book, you coloured in colours you felt like. The ones that were not really meant to go together, but somehow they looked really good? Well, Raf Simons at Jil Sander is that kid with the 24 pack of crayola fucking up the colour scheme, but being chic with it. With a palette of complimentary and juxtapositioned colours and styles, whilst staying faithful to his mantra of minimalism, Raf has managed to make sports-couture look oh so simple . He was inspired by the Hitchcockian women who were seemingly placid and vulnerable, but with an underlayer of mystique. Simons has worked with taffeta and nylons, there is a sporty feel to it all, it is fun looking on the surface, but serious couture below. Best analogy, or similie for it would be like going to university, dicking around for freshers week and thinking the whole first year will be copious drinking and statutory rape, then you start getting lectures, assignments and exams.



I've always said monochrome wins! Even with a dash of gold it looks absolutely delicious. Kasia Struss, whoever she may be, doesnt allow herself to be overpowered by the grandiose ensembles', she instead looks luxurious and stupdendiously expensive. A bit of military-esque styling going on with the cabled lapels and exaggerated shoulders, actually exaggerated isnt even the word. Gahhh I love a good editorial at 6.00 am in the morning whilst slightly drunk. I trawled through a number of editorials before this one involuntarily reeled me in. She is gorgeous though isnt she? good old Kasia.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Kanye West - Runaway Trailer HQ from Mr Precyse on Vimeo.

This trailer looks epic. I don't know what to expect gahhhh i wish i had never seen it! I hate watching trailers! But I still do it! Trailers are like those girls at the club who flirt with you, you grind with them, you buy them a drink and in your head you're like "yeah yeah I WILL be having sex tonight", and then her boyfriend comes over and punches your lights out. P.s the aforementioned story is fictional and not based on any known associates, any similarities are pure coincidental. p.p.s Kanye West is my man crush.


Kinda maxed out my credit card sooo if any good samaritans out there want to buy these for me? I will do sexual favours and household chores. Don't all rush at once.


ROCK THE KASBAH! Gucci's creative director, Frida Giannini, was inspired by Marrakesh and its vibrant and vivid colours, but she wanted to inject the fun back into summer and decided to infuse a 1970's disco feel into the garments. To be honest the models wouldnt look out of place in Andy Warhol's art entourage in a Studio 54 booth. This looks like it's straight out of a Guy Bourdin look book or something. Totally LUXXE! Mind you though only a few hot pieces of ass could pull this look off, you will either look shit hot and melt peoples faces off when you walk in, or you will look like a box of crayolas' tried to spit roast you.

Friday, 24 September 2010


Mark Ronson's album prior to this was a embargo of cover versions strewn with horns and pop music's who's who's. His latest effort has neither covers or horns, it is instead a well put together album with an late 80s/early 90s sound reminiscent of Chicago house music and electro pop. I think Simon Le Bon influenced the overall sound, but Mr Ronson is in his niche. It's actually quite good and I emplore anyone with good taste in music to get it. I SAID GET IT!!!!!!!!! And the cover looks cool as fuck

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I always forget how good this video is. Certainly better than the first video she did for this song. Whoever was responsible for this video was either on some narcotics or just incredibly creative, I really hope it isnt the latter.


This is the shit, in a good way ofcourse. Peep the Louboutin's in the second picture. Makes me want to go and listen to The Ramones.


Ostwald Helgason S/S 2011 from TEST on Vimeo.

Before I rant on about this visual buffet I would like to extend my apologies for going AWOL and neglecting my blog, my time has been taken up by drinking copious amounts of alcohol and moving to university. Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not take the name of the Lord in vain and thou shall not neglect thine blog no more. Enough of that though, lets get to what this post is really about. Otswald Helgason are a fairly new and young German-Icelandic dynamic duo based in London, in fact they are actually showcasing at London fashion week, I would do unspeakable horrors to go and see them. This collection is so fresh and i like how their colour palette is monochromatic but with injections of subtle pastel colours and patterns. For spring and summer theyve mixed light cottons, chiffon and lightweight leathers, and it all ends up looking pretentious and well put together. I always get just a little bit too excited when fairly new designers release stuff as fresh and unique as this, honestly a little bit of wee wee does come out sometimes. I enjoy the styling too, certainly on point.

I'm slightly hungover and it was a monumental struggle writing this post, honestly it feels like there is a heavy metal mosh pit going on in my head. Jagermeister is the official sponsor of the apocalypse. It ruins lives.
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