Saturday, 30 October 2010


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Perfect backdrop for this collection? French Riviera in the middle of June, when it isnt too hot and you can lounge with a vermouth, slice of lemon and crushed ice. Apparently Florence+The Machine was the soundtrack at the show, obviously I wasnt there but my invite was lost in the post. Damn you Royal Mail. It was a delicate mix of we had flared flared denim, cotton blazers and floral prints all building to a crescendo of tunic tops, palazzo pants, chiffon poncho, sequin shorts and sweaters.I just picked out my favourite from the collection. The collection confronted me as nouveau, yet fresh; DVN dancing between the lines of androgyny, but in a subtle way and with finesse.


This is on par with Mclovin from SuperBad. Stupid post but it made me laugh .


Just ordered these bad boys. They will transform into my new spectacles :) I cannot wait! It seems like eons to wait! arrrrgh! Dare I say it , but they may be better than my Ray Bans. I will post a pic when i get my clear lenses put in :)

Friday, 29 October 2010


COLOUR INJECTION!!! There we go, I do not see the world in monochrome, I promise. I actually see everything in neon. For Justin Ridler's latest work he shoots model Amy Finlayson on a lovely day at the beach, she brought her swimwear and everything. The styling really accentuates the whole thing though, obviously. Styled by Britt McCamey in pompous and exciting juxtaposition(my favourite word of the month, sums up my life really) of textures and block colours really amounts to an acid trip, if I'm honest. Well, I exaggerated the last bit actually. Let me rephrase, ahem, it is palette of luxury, with a smidgen of fragility about it, delicate to the touch, as though the whole concept was resting upon the wing of a fairy.


Seriously this H&M x Lanvin collection needs to drop. It is like an overdue baby, breached birth. Another teaser image has surfaced, this time floral inspired prints!

LILY COLE X Sølve Sundsbø

Mmm Lily Cole. We were randomly discussing ( my friends and I. Yes i have friends) models the other day and Lily Cole cropped up, but we could not decided what it was about her face that made her appealing. Personally, I think she is awkwardly pretty, not quite an English Rose, but she is serving her apprenticeship. I enjoy this picture as much as Hugh Grant enjoyed fellatio whilst he was driving on that infamous night.


In 2008 Fulvio Bonavia released a book, "A matter of Taste", of conceptual images depicting food as fashion, chic made edible if you will. The defining factor about all of these images is that none of them were photoshopped, Bonavia physically made these mouth watering bits of art. Genius! Some of them are so simple, yet they have that aesthetic about them that captures the mind. The irony though is supermodels dont eat, or so the myth goes.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


JUST GOT THIS PREVIEW ABOUT 5MINS AGO. i did it to myself again, i watched another trailer. i'm trying to think of a witty euphemism but my mind has been blown by this. the thing that really rattles my rattle snake is that the full film drops in the states in about 5 hours on mtv, but we have to wait a full fucking week to watch it here. screw you mtv. still looks epic though. cannot wait.

Edita Vilkeviciute X Camilla Akrans "Morning Beauty"

Sigh, another black and white editorial? Well, I like it so pipe down. Shot by Camilla Akrans, the same photographer who shot that stunning editorial of Sasha Pivovarova, if you have the patience you can find it on my blog somewhere. The reason I enjoy this so much I think, apart from the fact that Edita has a pair of exquisite breasts may I add, is the simplicity of it all, the contrast and contradiction between the model, the garments and the church. It is borderline sacreligious. Materialistic things like couture and a sensual model shot in the back drop of a 17th century church? Seriously tits outside a church? When did you last see tits in church? People might go more often I guess. ANYWAY, it is pretty good I think, the beauty of it all is in its minimalism. I love the first picture, not just because of her breasts, her exquisite breasts


Just had really random Paris blues :( I want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The food, the fashion, people watching, obnoxious waiters ahh!



Finally we get a glimpse of H&M collabo with uber couture house Lanvin. The collection crashes into stores on November 23rd, but inbetween now and then those of us who give a shit will just have to salivate over these four dresses. I dont indulge in cross dressing so i'll just have to scout out a girl wearing one of these, then wine her , dine her, woo her ridiculously, then steal her dress and frame it :) PLAN!

Hmm they look suspiciously like THESE :

The Lanvin pre fall 2009, spring 2008 and fall 2009...


I stumbled upon these Dior dresses from his fall/winter 1950 collection. They simply timeless gowns made from silk with blue, green and rustic sequins, the dreams of cherubs, unicorn hair and the tears of seven virgins. Honestly how beautiful are they? Can you imagine walking into a room wearing this? The room would fall silent and a few champagne glasses and monocles would break. When he released his fall/winter collection these were the two most coveted dresses out of a monumental array of pieces. This is what dreams are made of. These are tangible dreams.


I've been so lazy with blogging, honestly it is disgraceful. I feel like I'm a whole century behind.

Anyway, I've been meaning to blog this all week. I need to share this with the world. Balmain leather jacket RRP $130,000. ENOUGH SAID.

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Such a good band with an equally good song. Get the rest of their album. It is mint/class/ace/.


"John, stop posting black and white editorials!", I say NO! I'm working on a photography/styling project for my course and I want to do it in, yup you guessed it, BLACK AND WHITE! So I am inadvertently building a mood board right here on my blog. Pipe down it is a good editorial! Photographer Jingna's concept, complemented perfectly by stylist Mildred von Hildegard, is that of imaging model Denise as a "dark maiden of the sea", draped in chic and risque leather ensembles'. The juxtaposition between the harsh, barren landscape and the beautifully crafted leather and latex is sumptious. The equivalent of an all you can eat Chinese buffet, but for the eye and mind. S&M becomes chic and meets couture; there was a massive market for that and Gareth Pugh plugged that hole (teehee :) "plugged that hole").

The fifth image evokes strong emotions with me, I may have just got another cerebral boner. I should trademark that.
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