Thursday, 15 July 2010


I know I am late with this but, Karl Lagerfeld seems to ascend to a new echelon of style and taste each time he does something. Is there anything this chic geriatric cannot do? With the release of Chanel's fall collection for 2010 I think I am in awe of literally every single piece, aesthetically , I mean the attention to detail is is incredible, beautiful silk gowns, knitted dresses with fur trims, and the boots are simply delicious, the atelier's deserve a pay rise. The range of styles and materials within the collection is impressive and it oozes a certain je ne sais qouis, a non-chalant parisian chic that courses through all of Chanel's products. I like how Lagerfeld has managed to juxtapose modern and sharp cuts with traditional designs and fabrics. I was filled with a nameless awe upon viewing this collection, makes you wonder though whoever has to fill Karl Lagerfeld's patent leather, steel capped toe boots is going to have a gargantuan task before them.

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