Thursday, 22 July 2010


Well, I dont know about anyone else but I feel old seeing Dakota Fanning's spread in Italian Vogue. Honestly before I saw this I still had an her embedded in my memory as the scrawny, fair haired, cute kid with a missing tooth that starred in "Man on Fire" with Denzel Washington,(epic film worth watching), but what we have before us is a woman, a fashionista. With those delicious eyebrows she is reminiscent of an early 80's Madonna in her "Get Into the Groove" video, I dont know if anyone else sees that? She has presence about her and no question about whether she is photogenic, the styling is perfect as it is making a statement about her, it is edgy and mature, almost a coming of age shoot and she wears the clothes, not vice versa, if that makes sense. Honestly I feel about 40, next thing I know she has kids and is retired. Time waits for no man I guess.

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