Thursday, 14 October 2010


What do you do when bored and slighty intoxicated? Style and emsemble of garments you cannot afford, or wear for that fact hahaha alright before i garrulously chat poo let me just break this down of how much everything cost, top to bottom :
ANITA KO Snake 18-karat gold diamond earrings -£8,645

LANVIN Ring - Price available on request

BALMAIN Suede buckled V-neck dress -£5,875

JUDITH LEIBER Owl fine crystal-embellished clutch-£2,950

YVES SAINT LAURENT Palais Mohawk suede pumps -£640

Ridiculous amount right? I should really expand my colour palette in terms of styling. I wear a lot of black and grey and with all my "work" I always tend to infuse a little bit of myself into it. Most of my stlying tends to end up as either black, white or grey, but with accents or infusions of muted colours. Weird I know but I cannot help it. Anyway I think this should be worn by someone with quite a pale skin tone e.g caucasians, because it will contrast so so so well, really sing against your skin and the owl clutch will resonate anyone with placid eyes. Those YSL pumps? Someone I know hates them, but seriously what isnt there to like about them? They are seriously obscene and perverse, in a good way ofcourse. They are like that girl at a house party who you know is trouble, but she is gorgeous in an odd way and she has a mischevious twinkle in her eye. You know that if you sleep with her then everyone will tease you for eons about her, THESE SHOES ARE THAT GIRL! It is a tad odd a straight, BLACK male styling , but so is washed out pop stars fondling Taiwanese boys whilst on "holiday". We live in an odd world, variety is the spice of life.

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